Perimeter Pest Control

antsPerimeter Pest Control for crawling insects:

Protect your home from insect invasion with a barrier treatment around your home’s perimeter.  We will provide an insect shield around the outside of your home or business that controls such pests as ants, spiders and many more, before they have a chance to enter.  The standard timing of the applications are late spring, summer and fall, however, our treatments begin in April.

Spring treatments control newly active insects heading inside to find a source of food for the season.  Summer treatments fight newly hatched insects.  Fall treatments prevent spiders and millipedes from coming in to seek shelter from the cold.

Call before April 1st to schedule your perimeter pest control and keep insects outside where they belong!



perimeter-pest-controlGreenWay can also protect your pets from fleas & ticks in your lawn!!

We offer complete flea and tick control.  Make your home and pets more comfortable.  Prices vary according to the number of rooms and the flea and tick lawn application vary according to your lawn size.

Some properties may require additional or special treatments upon approval from you, depending on infestation.

Plus, our one time treatment helps control all types of other household pests.





no-spidersWhy choose Perimeter Pest Control?

Greenway’s perimeter pest control helps to eliminate spiders, ants, millipedes, and any other creepy crawlers!