Lawn Care Programs


GreenWay’s Custom 4 Step Program –

GreenWay Turf Pro’s custom 4 step program incorporates all of these products in our annual custom program.It includes a granular slow release, organic and liquid fertilizers throughout the year.

GreenWay Helps you Make Healthy Decisions for Your Lawn


Step 1 – Spring Application Beginning in April

Granular, slow release fertilizer to promote spring growth
Pre-emergent crabgrass control



Step 2 – Late Spring Application May – June

Liquid balanced fertilizer
Liquid broad leaf weed control
Lawn inspection


Step 3 – Summer Applications July

Granular, slow release organic fertilizer
Grub control (optional)
Lawn inspection


Step 4 – Fall Applications September

Liquid fertilizer
Broad leaf weed control
Lawn inspection


Add On Application

Fall “Winterguard” Fertilization

85% of customers choose our Fall “Winterguard” Fertilization add on application.  An application of an early fall fertilizer can offer additional benefits that carry well into the next year.  Studies at Ohio State University show that overall turf grass health is improved for the following season.