Relieve Thatch Accumulation!

Most home lawns are subject to thatch accumulation.  Left unmanaged, it impedes water, fertilizer and pesticide effectiveness.  Core aeration combines soil with the thatch debris, so soil organisms are better to break down the thatch and reduce its accumulation.


What is Thatch really??

In all my years in the lawn care industry, I have found that most people misunderstand the meaning of thatch. Firstly, it is not the dead grass that sits down in the grass after many mowing. Thatch is a tight layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots of grasses located between the soil surface and the green growing grass blades. This layer becomes harmful after it builds up to a level that it prevents water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the soil. Fine fescue and rye grasses (native to our area and in most lawns) are subject to build up. Dethatching is then necessary. Core aeration is also helpful. Dethatching can only be done in the spring or fall when grass roots are actively growing.
Green Way Turf Pro has the proper machinery to handle dethatching or power raking to some. It can be a strenuous and labor intensive job if doing it by yourself. Perhaps only certain sections need to be done or a simple thinning out of the turf is required and recommended over time. I do mine each fall. You just won’t believe how much is really in there once we start a job. Our service includes removal of all debris.